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Administrator: Lluvia Mendez

Lluvia will deal with new clients, schedule appointments, send out tax returns, and help to get the client to the right people based upon their needs.  If you don't know quite where to go or who to deal with, ask Lluvia and she can help you.

Bob Yavis EA, MSRA, MPS

Bob understands retirees, and mobile individuals. He works from a remote office and all contacts are by mail, e-mail and telephone.

Jonathan Hill, EA

Got a letter from IRS or FTB? Jonathan will work with your tax controversy problems. Haven't filed for a few years? Talk to Jonathan!

Ken Rewinkel, EA

Ken's expertise in estates, trusts, stock options, security trades, alternative minimum tax, and real estate transactions may be just what you're looking for.

Robin Kumler, CPA  

Robin works with a variety of business entities and handles their tax filing needs. She is quick to respond to client questions and requests.

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Journal of Tax Practice & Procedures