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Claudia Hill, EA, MBA is a renowned speaker specializing in continuing education (CE) seminars for CPA, Enrolled Agent, and tax preparer organizations.  Included below is a list of currently available seminars.  Interested parties should contact Claudia directly at claudia@taxmam.com
 for availability and cost.


AMT – Always Means Trouble

2-hrs CPE


Have your clients began realizing they are not getting all the tax breaks they’ve been promised?  Blame it on the Alternative Minimum Tax…or the new mandatory maximum tax!  Congress will once again have the opportunity to debate the issue in 2010.  In the meantime, this workshop will highlight examples of how the AMT surprises individual taxpayers and provides two case studies of the AMT and the AMT credit.


Doing it Right and Doing the Right Thing - Protecting Clients Privacy, Information Sharing & Your Practice Disclosure Issues in Tax Practice

2-hrs CPE (Counts as Ethics)

Issues of appropriate disclosure of tax return information caused both Congressional and public outrage this last filing season. When is it OK to use tax return information other than in the direct preparation of an individual’s return?  What types of disclosure documents are mandated?  Suggestions for integrating awareness of issues that pose potential conflicts of interest, office procedures and sample client letters are included.


Integrating the K-1 into the 1040:  When is a pass-through investment NOT a passive investment?

2-hrs CPE

This session will focus on what types of joint investments can fall outside passive activity limitations, including working interests in oil & gas, material participation trades or businesses, those in the trade or business of actively trading personal property for their own account, and those that may qualify for the active participation exception.  Examples of such K-1s and how they are integrated into the 1040 are illustrated.


Basic Trust & Estate Income Tax Preparation Workshop

4-hrs CPE

Start at the beginning, with reading and understanding the trust document.  Our goal is to help you identify necessary information you need to obtain before you begin, distinguish 1040 preparation rules from 1041 rules, understand who pays taxes on trust income and help the client understand the value of your services.  Put your mind to work and pencil to paper in this four-hour workshop.


Exchanges – Beyond the Basics

2-hrs CPE


This workshop will focus on nine key issues associated with exchanges, including understanding “intent to effect an exchange,” misuse of the term “boot,” use of Qualified Intermediaries, combining residence exclusion and deferred exchange rules, exchanging to tenancy in common ownership, and exchange of personal property, insurance or annuity contracts, and Qualified Small Business Stock.


How to Cook an Elephant – Getting the 1031 into the 1040

2-hrs CPE


Tax-deferred exchanges don’t have to be the most difficult part of a tax return. You can tackle them with Claudia’s Secret System (aka How to Cook an Elephant). This step-by-step approach will guide you from the escrow statement to the basis of the newly acquired property, with the confidence to tackle these on your own.


Letters! We Get Letters…Responding to IRS Notices

2-hrs CPE

Representation begins when you respond to a notice from IRS on behalf of your client.  This session will provide a step-by-step process for quick resolution of IRS inquiries, including obtaining authorization, contact techniques and formats for responding to the most common types of math error notices and notices of proposed adjustment.


Knee Deep and Struggling…Identifying Conflicts of Interest in Tax Practice

2-hrs CPE (Counts as Ethics)


You’re knee-deep in the practical aspects of preparing a tax return, and suddenly realize you are sinking into an ethical dilemma: the work you are doing for one client could affect another. The best way to handle conflicts of interest is to avoid them entirely. Since that is not possible, tax professionals are expected to be able to recognize when they are in or are headed into a conflict of interest situation, and respond appropriately.  This session will heighten your awareness of potential conflicts and provide examples of written disclosures.


Other Topics Available – 2hrs each

Personal Residence Issues

IRA and Retirement Plan Distributions

Internet Research & Practice Resources

Working Late on Late-Filed Returns [Nonfilers - Better Late than Jail Bait?]

Penalties- Don’t Pay it unless you Really Owe it!


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